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Pump Seal Flush Coolers

  • Designed to reduce high temperature liquid for longer seal life
  • 316 Stainless Steel and Copper tubing available
  • Can be disassembled with standard tools for cleaning, or replacement of damaged coils
  • Shell side pressure rating of 150 psi
  • Two Models: Type 1 & Type 2

Madden Pump Seal Flush Cooler Product LineMadden pump seal flush coolers are miniature heat exchangers designed to reduce high temperature seal flush liquids to 140°F or less. The counter flow design efficiently cools the tube side liquid (the pump's seal flush) to optimum temperatures for maximum seal performance.

Pump seal flush coolers are available in copper and Type 316 stainless steel tube material. All Madden pump seal flush coolers disassemble with standard tools for cleaning, or replacement of damaged coils. Carbon steel shell parts are painted with grey acrylic enamel. Shell side pressure rating is 150 psi. Madden Type 2 models may be constructed using a variety of materials to meet a customer's specific requirements. Contact the factory for a quotation for applications with special material specifications.

Why Cool a Centrifugal or Rotary Pump’s Seal Flush?

Certain types of centrifugal pumps and rotary pumps use liquid to help seal the non moving parts of the pump with the rotating shaft. This liquid aiding in the mechanical seal's operation needs to be routinely flushed out to achieve high reliability and effective sealing performance. The API has established piping plans for the maintenance of these seals. API Plan 21, Plan 22, Plan 23, and Plan 41 all require a heat exchanger to cool the seal flush liquid before being injected into the seal. This is where Madden Manufacturing comes in. Our pump seal flush coolers are some of the most cost effective and durable liquid to liquid heat exchangers that the market has to offer.

Madden Manufacturing's Two Types of Pump Seal Flush Coolers

Type 1 Liquid Sample Cooler

Type 1 Heat Exchanger

Type 1

Type 1 pump seal flush cooler models have all the piping connections for the sample and the cooling water on the threaded cap on the top of the sample cooler. All coils are 1/4" OD tubing, and all piping connections are 1/4" NPT. Cooling water enters on the left and exits opposite on the right. Sample inlet connection is vertical on the top, and the cooled sample exits from the spout.


Type 2

Type 2

Type 2 Sample Cooler
Type 2 pump seal flush coolers offer both 1/4" and 3/8" OD tubing coils. Sample connections are 1/4 NPTF and are made on the top plate. Cooling water connections are 3/8" NPTF located on both top and bottom plates.

Typically, liquid grab samples can be cooled with 1.3 square foot coil surface area models. for continuous cooling of samples for instrument probes, or for steam

Pump Seal Flush Cooler Brochure

Pump Seal Flush Coolers

Part No. Max Coil PSI Description - type, coil surface area, coil material, coil tube size Weight
SC0001 300 Type1, 1.3 sf, copper coil w/ CI head, 1/4" OD tube 15 lbs.
SC0002 300 Type1, 2.6 sf, copper coil w/ CI head, 1/4" OD tube 25 lbs.
SC0003 1,200 Type1, 1.3 sf, 316 SS coil w/ SS head, 1/4" OD tube 15 lbs.
SC0003A 1,200 Type1, 1.3 sf, 316 SS coil w/ SS head and SS body, 1/4" OD tube 15 lbs.
SC0004 1,200 Type1, 2.6 sf, 316 SS coil w/ SS head, 1/4" OD tube 25 lbs.
SC0004A 1,200 Type1, 2.6 sf, 316 SS coil w/ SS head and SS body, 1/4" OD tube 25 lbs.
SC101 300 Type2, 1.3 sf, copper coil, 1/4" OD tube 25 lbs.
SC102 1,200 Type2, 1.3 sf, 316 SS coil, 1/4" OD tube 25 lbs.
SC103 250 Type2, 1.9 sf, copper coil, 3/8 " OD tube 30 lbs.
SC105 1,200 Type2, 1.9 sf, 316 SS coil, 3/8" OD tube 30 lbs.
SC106 1,200 Type2, 3.8 sf, 316 SS coil, 3/8" OD tube 50 lbs.
SC107 5,000 Type2, 3.8 sf, 316 SS coil, 3/8" OD tube 50 lbs.
SC108 5,000 Type2, 1.9 sf 316 SS coil area, 3/8" OD tube 30 lbs.
  • 1/2" up to 1" cooling water connections are available upon request.

To learn more about Madden Manufacturings pump seal flush coolers, click here to contact us today!

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