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Pumping Systems: Automation and Controls

In an effort to provide our customers with turnkey metering pump systems, Madden Manufacturing has sought and gained support from the experts at JK Industrial Controls, Inc., a local automation and controls company. JK Industrial Controls provides companies the ability to precisely control their machinery and equipment as well as monitor and record data. JK Industrial Controls' systems can be found in Ethanol Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, and Pharmaceuticals, and those are only a few of their many applications across the United States.

With the support of the individuals at JK Industrial Controls, Madden now has the expertise available to offer complete controls systems which can be automated to meet the specifications of the end user.

Metering Pump Controls

Allen-Bradley PLC
Allen Bradley PLC
We are now offering the necessary controls with our products to be able to:
  • Control pump output automatically and manually
    • Using PIDs
    • Can be set up to respond to pressure changes, flow changes, ph levels, etc.
  • Monitor Data
  • Record Data


Allen-Bradley Digital Display
Allen-Bradley Digital Display
Equipment to be available include, but are not limited to:
  • Allen-Bradley
  • P.L.C’s
  • H.M.I’s
The ability to customize using DDE/OPC also available.
Systems will allow you to record real time data and/or log history.
Hardwired and wireless systems available.

So if you have an application calling for complete automation, contact us today to get things started.

Celebrating 65 years of business

Madden Manufacturing has been designing and producing industrial steam equipment and diaphragm metering pumps for over 65 years now. We take great pride in the fact that our simple, rugged designs have been around since 1952 with only a few changes since.

With our smaller, family owned company, you can always expect responsive customer service and receiving some of the most durable products on the market. Thank you to all our distributors, reps and end users for helping us thrive for the past 65 years. 

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