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Chemical Injection Pumps - Madden Manufacturing

An Overview of Our Chemical Injection Pumps (3 Series)
JN10-A Pump

  • JN Series
  • 6 models from 1 to 11 GPH (4-42 L/hr)
  • Simplex, duplex and triplex metering pumps available
MF Series Pump

  • MF Series
  • 11 models from 5 to 75 GPH (19-340 L/hr)
  • simplex, duplex, triplex and quadruplex metering pumps available.
MH Series Pump

  • MH Series
  • 5 models from 96 to 360 GPH (363-1,362 L/hr)
  • Simplex and duplex metering pumps available.
Madden manufacturing designs their chemical metering pumps with the intention of being the most cost effective product on the market. Accuracy of +/- 1% is boasted by almost all metering pumps, so what is your next most important feature?

Madden focuses on providing a product that minimizes/eliminates quality issues and down time.

First we looked at designing our chemical injection pumps to perform 24/7/365. Madden industrial grade chemical injection pumps use heavy metal parts that operate in an oil bath so you can dose chemicals all day every day.

Second, we considered the fact that diaphragms and valve parts will inevitably wear out. We addressed this issue by designing a chemical injection pump that could easily be repaired using everyday hand tools. It takes as little as 2 minutes to replace a fatigued diaphragm.

It is a simple design which is what allows it to be so dependable and durable. Madden chemical metering pumps have been known to last for decades of service. We’ve taken the metering pump product which has repeatable and accurate output, and we made it last as long as possible.

Our chemical injection pump line competes at the top of the market when it comes to minimal downtime and we do so at a competitive price.

Madden pump features that translate to great dependability and durability

Simple but strong design

  • Standard industrial grade 56 frame motors are used
  • Our worm gear reducers decrease motor rpm, and increase power to drive the piston
  • The eccentric moves the connecting rod and piston forward and backward consistently and accurately
  • The small stroke lengths result in a long flex life for the diaphragms
  • Simple ball type check valves keep a tight seal for accurate metering
  • Manual adjustment control knob allows for 10:1 turn down for fine tuning the pump output
Heavy duty construction
  • Designed for years of 24/7/365 pumping with minimal downtime. Uses industrial metal parts, no plastics, and runs in a constant oil bath.
Easy to repair worn out parts
  • Diaphragms, valve seats, and check balls will naturally wear out over time. This is inevitable. Depending upon the application, these parts may last 10 years or more before needing to be replaced. We hope our customers find comfort in knowing that with our pumps, normal wetted end repairs are a quick and easy fix. Simply disassemble the wetted end solution head with common tools, replace the parts, and screw it back on. Done.
Pumping accuracy at +/- 1%
  • Repeatable for years; our accuracy won’t deteriorate over time.
Made in the U.S.A
  • We buy all of our materials from American companies and assemble our metering pumps right here in our Elkhart, Indiana plant.

All of this sums up to equal dependability and durability, less downtime for critical operations, and more economical pumping long term. And that is how Madden achieves Simple, Rugged Quality.
Give one of the links at the top of the page a click and get to know each Madden diaphragm metering pump series on an individual bases.
Or you can check out one of these 5 pages listed below to learn more about what Madden diaphragm metering pumps can do. (These 5 pages contain the same information, they are written to show how Madden's 3 series of metering pumps can be used for different metering applications.)

Madden Metering Pump Selection Guide

For the cleanest and easiest way to inquire about a Madden metering pump, download this fillable pump selection guide, fill it out, and upload it through the RFQ section of our website. We take pride in responding promptly!
Metering Pump Selection Guide

Automation and ControlsMadden automatic chemical batching system

Along with durable diaphragm metering pumps, Madden Manufacturing has accessory available to turn our products into complete systems. Madden Manufacturing is capable of building complete feed systems which include: tanks, mixers, chemical feed pumps, control panels, and more.

Madden has the ability to control your metering pump systems using Variable Frequency Drives and Batching controllers. If you have a manual operation that you want to consider turning into an automatic chemical feed system, take a long at our chemical metering system packages page or our chemical feed systems page to see if Madden has the products for you. And always feel free to contact us with custom specifications to see what we can do!

Want to inquire about our Chemical Injection pumps? Click here and contact us today!
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Faster Lead Times than Neptune & Milton Roy

Madden Manufacturing is currently quoting lead times of:
  • Chemical Metering Pumps @ 1-2 weeks
  • Fully Assembled Chemical Feed Systems @ 3-6 weeks
  • Sample Coolers & Small Heat Exchangers @ < 1 week
  • Emergency/Rush pumps in 1-2 days!

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