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Chemical Feed Systems

Heavy duty tank and pump systems for practically any chemical addition need

Chemical Feed Systems
Chemical Feed Systems
Madden’s standard Chemical feed systems combine on one platform a tank for mixing and storing chemical solutions, a mixer, Madden diaphragm metering pump to inject the chemical solution, suction and relief piping.
Standard pre-engineered systems are available, as well as customized systems with equipment and features specified by the user.


  • Tanks durable polyethylene tanks are standard. Polypropylene and stainless steel tanks are options. Hinged lids and piping connections are included. Sizes from 30 to 110 gallon capacity are standard, with optional sizes available to meet any storage capacity requirement.
  • Pumps, Madden diaphragm metering type pumps are used to inject chemicals into the plant operating system. Madden pumps are industrial grade, heavy duty construction, with adjustable output control. Output from 2 gallons per day for the smallest pump, to 360 gallons per hour for the largest. See metering pumps page for complete pump details.
  • Mixers, Madden high speed, slow speed, or variable speed mixers are used to mix the chemical solution needed. Stainless steel shaft and propeller are standard, with PVC and Teflon coated options available. See mixers page for details.
  • Platforms are welded steel construction designed to support the filled tank, and serve as a mounting for the mixer, pump and piping. Platforms raise tank 16" from the floor to enable easy access by the operator. Custom platforms for multiple tanks and pumps are available. Standard finish is acrylic enamel paint, with highly corrosion resistant epoxy primer with polyurethane paint top coat as an option.

Chemical Feed Systems

Model No. Tank Capacity Tank Material Pump Mixer Platform Suction Piping
TE501 30 HPDE Yes No No Yes
TE502 55 HPDE Yes Yes Yes Yes
TE503 110 HPDE Yes Yes Yes Yes
TE504 55 HPDE Yes Yes Yes Yes
TE504S 55 304 SS Yes Yes Yes Yes
TE505 110 HPDE Yes Yes Yes Yes
TE505S 110 304 SS Yes Yes Yes Yes

Stainless Steel Chemical Feed System

304 Stainless Steel Chemical Feed System

High Density Polyethylene Chemical Feed System

To learn more about our Chemical feed systems, click here to contact us.

Made to Order Pumping Systems: You spec' it, we'll build itDosing pump feed system

More often than not, our standard line of chemical feed systems are modified to fit the end user's needs more precisely. Sometimes the feed systems will leave out the tanks and/or mixers all together. When applications need multiple chemicals to be dosed throughout the day, whether it be 24/7, on timers, a simple start/stop system, or even programmed to be activated under dynamic conditions, Madden has the experience and knowledge to help make your chemical pumping system a reality.

Possible Applications to Design a Pumping Feed System for:
  • Water treatment applications
    • Keep your PH balance in check. Let's design a system that will maintain a healthy PH balance for your application.
  • Boiler chemical applications
    • Pre treating boiler water can help your boiler operate as efficiently as possible.
  • One chemical dosed to multiple systems.
  • One system needing multiple chemicals.
  • Batching applications
    • Program a Batchtrol controller so an operator can input a desired quantitiy of chemical to add to the system. Input quantity, hit start, and then walk away while your chemical metering pumps automatically add the exact amount of chemical needed over a given amount of time.
  • And more
    • We know we're only scraping the surface of possible applications needing a multi-pump system here. And chances are you are about to bring us a new application we've yet to hear of. But if it calls for metering pumps and controls, we have you covered.
If this sounds like a service/product you need, contact us about getting your new, custom pumping system under way!
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Celebrating 65 years of business

Madden Manufacturing has been designing and producing industrial steam equipment and diaphragm metering pumps for over 65 years now. We take great pride in the fact that our simple, rugged designs have been around since 1952 with only a few changes since.

With our smaller, family owned company, you can always expect responsive customer service and to receive some of the most durable products on the market. Thank you to all our distributors, reps and end users for helping us thrive for the past 65 years. 

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