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About Madden

Madden Manufacturing buildingBefore manufacturing industrial pumps, Madden Manufacturing, Inc. originally started out as The P.E. Madden Co. of Chicago, IL, which was in the industrial water treatment chemical business. Madden started making boiler continuous blowdown flow control and heat recovery equipment in the 1930's. In 1953, after the Elkhart, IN. plant was set up, the firm was incorporated by James Madden as the Madden Corporation. The headquarters was in Chicago, IL, with the manufacturing plant in Elkhart, IN. When Stuart and Paula Barb purchased the business in 1991 the name was changed to Madden Manufacturing, Inc. At that time the office in Morton Grove, IL, was closed and all operations were consolidated in the Elkhart plant.
The firm manufactures diaphragm metering pumps and steam system equipment of its own design. The primary plant operations are machining parts from castings and bar stock, assembly and testing of equipment. The company utilizes state of the art CNC machining equipment to make the component parts to rigid quality, performance and cost standards.
Our Mission is to produce simple, rugged, quality industrial pumps and steam system equipment that will provide excellent performance and value for our customers.

Why Buy Madden?

Madden Success Stories

We are proud to show this list below of companies that used Madden equipment in large installations (we have given links to end users websites when relevant):

  1. Dona Ines de Collahuasi copper mine in Chile – pumps

  2. Yukon Zinc project  in Canada – pumps

  3. Farm Chem project – pumps

  4. JDM Centrifuge, Inc. pump project in 2014

  5. Paper Industry pumping system project via Brabazon

  6. Water treatment chemical pumps in Trinidad

  7. John B Sanfilippo & Son, Inc. project via Quackenbush Co. – pumps

  8. NC State University– HC 160-150, 27072  –blowdown heat recovery system

  9. Rochdale Village – HC120-150, 28172  – blowdown heat recovery system

  10. Kraft Foods – HV070B, 28356  – blowdown heat recovery system

  11. TransAsia Pipelines – Dubai – pumps

  12. U.S. Capital building – blowdown heat recovery system

Madden Manufacturing, Distributor and End User Testimonials

As a smaller, family owned manufacturer, we strongly believe that our best route to success in the industries we compete in is to focus on two main components: First, we want to build top quality products. Second, we want to continually strive to have the best, and most responsive customer service.

Madden Manufacturing does not build diaphragm metering pumps by the hundreds, and we do not have readily stocked boiler blowdown tanks and heat recovery systems. The majority of our product line is made to order. Our focus is on quality before quantity, and frankly, we could not compete if our focus was vice versa.

As a result, the employees at Madden have bought in to responsive and attentive customer service. We sincerely try to treat our Distributors, Reps, and End users as an extension of our small family. If you have an emergency pump situation, boiler blowdown equipment situation, or any request that is going to require some flexiblity from the manufacturer, we hope to be the first choice in the chemical metering pump, and boiler blowdown equipment industries.

Below is a list of some of the kind statements that have been made by the Distributors, Sales Reps, and End Users of our products. We look forward to gradually adding statements received from past projects as well as future endeavors going forward.

  • I'm sold on Madden pumps. Best one available for mid to high flow ranges, <300 PSI - Dan Disher, Distributor, Brabazon Pump, Compressor, & Vacuum
  • Your Company and you are the bomb. The pump arrived at 1:30 today and we were up and running in a half hour or less. Same exact rough in as your pump from fifty years ago. Thanks again. - Randy Bench, Plumber at wells College in Aurora, NY
  • In reference to extending a statement to the rest of the team in the shop, "yes please do, everyone was awesome. I look forward to working closely with you on future orders, thank you." - Moe Aziz, Packages Madden pumps with bigger projects, VP, Robelo Worldwide, Inc.
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Faster Lead Times than Neptune & Milton Roy

Madden Manufacturing is currently quoting lead times of:
  • Chemical Metering Pumps @ 1-2 weeks
  • Fully Assembled Chemical Feed Systems @ 3-6 weeks
  • Sample Coolers & Small Heat Exchangers @ < 1 week
  • Emergency/Rush pumps in 1-2 days!

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