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Chemical Metering
Chemical Metering
At Madden we pride ourselves in serving a niche market extremely well. While some applications can be serviced with a cheaper solenoid driven pump, and other applications justify an expensive, high pressure hydraulic pump, Madden chemical injection pumps are available to handle the majority of industrial metering pump application requirements.
Madden’s simple mechanically actuated pump design delivers consistent and accurate metering as well as great durability at a fair price. All this is done by building pumps with simple, rugged quality.
  • JN Series: 6 models from 1 to 11 GPH (4-42 L/hr), simplex, duplex and triplex metering pumps available.
  •  MF Series: 11 models from 5 to 75 GPH (19-340 L/hr), simplex, duplex, triplex and quadruplex metering pumps available.
  • MH Series: 5 models from 96 to 360 GPH (363-1,362 L/hr), simplex and duplex metering pumps available.

Madden chemical injection pump features that translate to great dependability and durability

Simple but strong design
  • Standard industrial grade 56 frame motors are used
  • Our worm gear reducers decrease motor rpm, and increase power to drive the piston
  • The eccentric moves the connecting rod and piston forward and backward consistently and accurately
  • The small stroke lengths result in a long flex life for the diaphragms
  • Simple ball type check valves keep a tight seal for accurate metering
  • Manual adjustment control knob allows for 10:1 turn down for fine tuning the pump output
Heavy duty construction designed for years of 24/7/365 pumping with minimal downtime

Easy to repair worn out parts
  • Diaphragms, valve seats, and check balls will naturally wear out over time. This is inevitable. Depending upon the application, these parts may last 10 years or more before needing to be replaced. We hope our customers find comfort in knowing that with our pumps, normal wetted end repairs are an easy 10 min fix. Simply disassemble the wetted end solution head, replace the parts, and screw it back on. Done.
Pumping accuracy at +/- 1%.

Repeatable for years; our accuracy won’t deteriorate over time.

All of this sums up to equal dependability and durability, less downtime for critical operations, and more economical pumping long term. And that is how Madden achieves Simple, Rugged Quality. Give one of the links at the top of the page a click and get to know our pumps on an individual bases.

Check out one of these 5 pages with more pump information

(These 5 pages contain the same information, they are written to show how Madden's 3 series of metering pumps can be used for different metering applications.)

To learn more about our pump products, click here to contact us today!

Boiler Blowdown Equipment

At Madden, we have high quality, durable products to service your boiler blowdown needs. Madden boiler blowdown equipment can (1) hold boiler blowdown, (2) separate boiler blowdown to steam and waste water, (3) cool boiler blowdown, (4) control continuous blowdown flow rate, and even (5) recover otherwise lost heat from the blowdown. To learn more about Madden Manufacturing's boiler blowdown equipment click here.
  1. When it comes to holding boiler blowoff Madden has ASME code tanks designed to hold hot boiler blowdown for a 6-12 hour period, allowing the hot boiler blowoff to cool down to safe temperatures. Click here to learn more about Madden Manufacturing's boiler blowdown tanks.
  2. To  separate hot intermittent boiler blowdown, or bottom boiler blowdown, into steam and waste water, Madden manufacturing designs and produces a blowdown separator product line with an aftercooler package. The separator's vessel separates the hot blowdown to flash steam and waste water. The aftercooler then immediately quenches the hot waste water for safe, legal disposal. Click here to learn more about Madden Manufacturing's boiler blowdown separators.
  3. For cooling hot boiler blowoff, Madden manufactures sample coolers, or miniture heat exchangers. These units are great for grabing samples to test boiler water as well as for continuous cooling of many other processes. Click here to lear more about Madden Manufacturing's liquid sample coolers.
  4. If you need to control your continuous boiler blowdown, consider a Madden orifice meter. These blowdown valves have been in production for almost 50 years and are generally used on industrial boilers from 200 HP up to over 100,000 PPH in steam production. Click here to learn more about Madden Manufacturing's orifice meters.
  5. And finally, if your boiler room is utilizing large boilers and/or many boilers and currently the continuous surface blowdown is being disposed of into the city sewer, consider a Madden heat recovery system. These systems are designed to reclaim the otherwise lost BTU's that are dumped into the city sewer. The reclaimed heat is then used for boiler make up water resulting in potentially huge savings. These savings can result in a pay back period of less than a year for the Madden heat recovery unit and the cost of installation! Click here to learn more about Madden Manufacturing's heat recovery systems.

Chemical Feed Systems and Automated Pumping Systems

Madden Manufacturing offers complete chemical feed systems and pumping systems for nearly any chemical addition need. Our standard chemical feed systems include tanks, heavy duty mixers, metering pumps, and a platform made of welded steel construction. More often than not, Madden designs chemical feed systems and pumping systems based on customer specifications, and not necessarily a standard package. So if you have a customer feed system you would like a quote on, contact us today, we will happily work with you to turn your design into reality.

To learn more about Madden Manufacturing's chemical feed systems click the link. Don't forget we also offer heavy duty mixers and industrial agitators.

And finally, if you're looking for a completely automated system, check out what Madden and JK Industrial Controls can do for you here.

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Celebrating 65 years of business

Madden Manufacturing has been designing and producing industrial steam equipment and diaphragm metering pumps for over 65 years now. We take great pride in the fact that our simple, rugged designs have been around since 1952 with only a few changes since.

With our smaller, family owned company, you can always expect responsive customer service and to receive some of the most durable products on the market. Thank you to all our distributors, reps and end users for helping us thrive for the past 65 years. 

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