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Why Buy Madden?

by Madden Manufacturing • August 03, 2016

This video is a short sales pitch on buying Madden. And as you may get from the title it isn’t merely a pitch on our product, but more so, we’re hoping to sell you on us as a great small company.

Several weeks ago our President and Owner of Madden, Stuart Barb, read the article, “Sam Adams brewer Jim Koch on his own revolution” in the Chicago Tribune, written by Phil Rosenthal. He saw a lot of his company, Madden Manufacturing, in the same way Jim sees Boston Beer Co. In this Q & A style article Phil inquires about why Jim does what he does with his business. In our opinion, summing up Jim’s answers into one, he does everything he does for his customers, his people/employees, the stakeholders who helped him get to where he is now, and the community. He stresses that making money is an important part of business, but he never wants to get to the point where it is the only reason his business exists. He doesn’t want to turn into an Equity firm, he wants to remain a great Beer Brewing Company focused on customer satisfaction… and, yes, make money while doing so.
Stu and his wife Paula have grown quite fond of the City of Elkhart and the people living and working here and they are very involved in the community. They as well do not want to treat Madden Manufacturing as simply an asset, a way to make money, but as a family business that provides more than just a steady income. Stu has had opportunities to sell the business, but he hasn’t yet and the reasons are admirable. He won’t sell to a larger pump company that may move the business and/or lay off the employees here at Madden. And he even is holding out for someone who he believes will keep Madden Manufacturing specifically in Elkhart Indiana.

For the rest of us working at Madden, we appreciate the Barb’s loyalty to the company and to us as employees. It helps our pride in the chemical metering pumps we make feel natural feeling, not forced and fake. We also take pride in buying local and focusing on our customer service rather than only focusing on selling, selling, selling. Madden Manufacturing has been producing metering pumps for 60+ years now and has only gone through 3 owners. We hope you as a potential customer find our experience, family style business practices, and patriotism to be great additional reasons to consider Buying Madden other than only the quality of our product.
Thanks for reading, watching, and listening. Give us a call or an email if you have inquiries!

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Madden Manufacturing is currently quoting lead times of:
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  • Sample Coolers & Small Heat Exchangers @ < 1 week
  • Emergency/Rush pumps in 1-2 days!


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